Our core responsibility is to support people to live the life they choose. 

On any given day you might make a difference by supporting an older woman with dementia to remain independent in her home and maintain contact with her network of friends in her community. 

You might help a young man with autism move into his first home away from his family, and support him to understand his excitement and fear at this big life step. 

You might support a father of young children with his benefits claims and understanding his responsibilities as a tenant to reduce his risk of eviction. 

You might support a woman who struggles with her mental health to improve her wellbeing by making healthy food choices on a budget and keeping on top of her medications. 

On any given day, you will be supporting people to live their life safely and well according to their choices, and you might also be making plans for how people can achieve their hopes and dreams for tomorrow.  What can be better or more exciting than helping someone achieve their goals in life?  You can do this.