To quote a famous singer-songwriter, “it’s always better when we’re together”. Our Glasgow North West team certainly agree, and have been busy bringing local people together through their peer support group: Circle of Friends.

Through a jam-packed programme of activities and outings, the group offers fun opportunities for people to connect with others and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.  

Last year’s schedule included sailing on Loch Katrine, a day trip to Luss & Tarbet, a visit to the Gurdwara (the largest Sikh temple in Scotland) and even taking part in Reiki classes.

Mamosa told us:

“The group are always there for each other and I feel supported by them, which has had a big knock-on effect. My confidence has grown and I now feel more motivated to clean my house by myself, which I wasn’t before. My CPN was amazed to see how much my house has improved and they are now looking into reviewing my medication.”

As relationships have grown and people have become more comfortable with each other, the group have started ‘skill swapping’; sharing knowledge, skills and experiences to facilitate learning and further strengthen relationships.

Mamosa told us:

“I gave a presentation on skill sets as part of the group and this has given me increased confidence in public speaking.”

It is fantastic to see people feeling able to open up like this with each other; and is tangible evidence of the success and impact of Circle of Friends.