We feel a profound responsibility to fundraise in order to fill the gaps in society; to provide support where no one else is. In recent years, we’ve seen people’s support packages being cut as a direct result of statutory budget restraints rather than any improvement in people’s health or wellbeing.  Specifically, we focus on tackling the crippling issues of loneliness and isolation.

A small amount of fundraised money can go a long way to providing new opportunities for people: opportunities to meet new people, create new friendships, develop an increased sense of community, and thereafter, with increased confidence and determination, to dream of new adventures in life.

"It's been brilliant.  I've met so many new friends and never laughed so much in my life."

Fundraised money has ensured that we’ve been able to provide many and varied additional opportunities for people and families, including visits to cinemas and museums, bowling nights, outdoor walks, or trips to local landmarks and neighbouring towns; people have arranged themed parties and, coffee mornings; even fundraising events.

Our experience is that being involved in such activities contributes to building confidence, feeling more in control, expanding choices, feeling purposeful, meeting new people and learning new skills, thus optimising opportunities to live full and positive lives.