Club Fun is a social group in Forth Valley, offering opportunities to connect with others and experience new things. Following a number of successful social events, they decided to use their Halloween party as a fundraiser for Team Carr Gomm. Angela, Club Fun organiser, told us:

We felt that it would be nice for us to give something back, as Club Fun has benefitted so much from previous Carr Gomm fundraising campaigns. As a group, the club have discussed the effects of feeling lonely and isolated at times in our lives - a lot of the people we support have experienced this and wanted to do what they can to support others through it."

The evening was a great success, with attendees donning spooky costumes, enjoying themed food and playing ghastly games.

The party was fantastic! Everyone was having fun, and forgot about other issues in their lives for a wee while. It really helped people build connections; everyone got on extremely well and now look forward to seeing each other again.

The Club Fun group really got creative with their fundraising: some were sponsored to see how far they could go on an exercise bike, while others played ‘keep-uppies’ to raise money. With this monster effort, Club Fun raised £412 for Team Carr Gomm, and showed that everyone, no matter their age or level of mobility, can get involved and have fun along the way.

Club Fun is looking forward to more social outings in 2019, with walking groups and day trips planned for the warmer weather. They’re already planning future fundraising events, and we can’t wait to see what creative methods will be used next.

Has Club Fun's fantastic fundraising inspired you to take part? Check out how you can get involved today.