I joined Carr Gomm in 2013 and am a registered manager responsible for all our services in Argyll & Bute.

It’s my job to ensure that our services provided to people in our local community meet their needs and achieve the standards required. I also work with staff to make sure they are supported and trained well to enable them to carry out their role.

I have worked in the health and social care sector for the past 30 years, working in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Guernsey and Argyll across both the statutory and voluntary sector. 

I have experience of working with adults and children, and whilst working in Edinburgh I was a refugee specialist involved in the Kosovan Evacuation Programme.

A particular highlight of my time with Carr Gomm is working with our partners in Social Work and the Police to develop and establish an Appropriate Adult Service for Argyll and Bute. This now provides an excellent responsive service across Argyll, which was not readily available prior to our involvement.  

On a daily basis, I am motivated by the 'can do' attitude of our teams, always looking for solutions and ways to support people in our communities over a large geographic spread at all times of the day and night, 365 days per year.

Away from my day job, I like to spend time with my family and dog. I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities - and holidays, be it at home or abroad.