Carr Gomm Futures is all of us at Carr Gomm actively looking at what we do and asking how we could do better - how we could be the best. 

Futures provides an online portal as a space for staff to be heard, to give our staff a voice. It systematically provides opportunities for staff to contribute ideas to improve and shape the direction of the organisation. These suggestions can be about anything and everything, for example:

  • The service our staff work in
  • Our staff's own work
  • How we support people
  • Carr Gomm as an organisation
  • How Carr Gomm supports individuals as a workers
  • How we connect with the greater community
  • New avenues to explore
  • New developments in the sector
  • Fundraising
  • The objectives in our strategic plan

Futures also administers money raised through our fundraising campaigns; money raised by staff and members of the public. If staff have an idea on how to address social isolation and loneliness in their locality, they can submit a proposal to Carr Gomm Futures to request some of the fundraised money to make it happen.

You can read about some of our staff's ideas which have been funded via fundraised money here.