Innovation matters at Carr Gomm, especially when it comes to championing a person-centred approach for people. We encourage creativity by encouraging our staff to challenge the status quo of their workplace, in pursuit of providing better experiences for both people supported and our team.

What is Carr Gomm Futures?

Futures is a unique staff innovation programme that demonstrates our commitment to listening to our team, learning from each other, and maintaining our leading edge in social care.

We understand that people make a difference. By providing opportunities to share ideas, we hope to learn and improve in everything we do as an organisation.

How does Futures work?

In a nutshell:

1. Staff submit their ideas via a form.
2. Renate, our fabulous Futures manager, leads the decision-making steering group.
3. Filled with people from across the organisation, the group meets every month.
4. If they think an idea might work, they support staff to develop it further, with manpower and funding.

What Impact does Futures have?

Every idea or suggestion is welcomed. There are no bad ideas! 37 projects have been given the green light in the past year, with £12,100 awarded to support implementation.

Becs Barker - our Involvement, Quality and Innovation Manager, said:

“The impact of Futures is to change people's worlds for the better- simple, small changes that have big impacts. We each hold that ability to make people's lives better, even if it’s only small or for a moment in time."

You can read about some of our staff's ideas which have been funded via fundraised money here.