My inspiration for working in Social Care has come from changing the lives of the people who need support.

After being made redundant from my previous job and spending six months on job seekers’ allowance, the opportunity was open for a Support Practitioner role. I like to think Carr Gomm chose me.

 I started my career six and a half years ago, initially on a part-time basis (two days a week). I am a great believer in ‘you get out what you put in’ and after 10 weeks I was working full time.

 The person-centred focus of the organisation stands out the most for me because I like the fact that everybody is equal. The most important person in any individual’s support is the individual themselves, and I am highly motivated by having a role that positively affects people.

 There hasn’t been a single day when I have woken up and thought “Oh no. I have to go to work today”.  I am always inspired by the people I support. I once supported a young man who was homeless, jobless, and in and out of prison. It has been amazing to see how his life has changed and now has his own home, and a full-time job. This is rewarding.

 It is almost impossible to describe a typical workday because every day is different. My diary plans set out a rough idea of what the day may be like, but what is important is the flexibility and ability to respond to the needs of the people I support. Some of my other tasks include dealing with the housing associations, the Council, the Job Centre staff, and the Community Mental Health Teams.