Our Values

We have an integrated philosophy and value base that ensures people have the support they need to live full and positive lives as active citizens. Our values are essential and become the framework that every worker is trained to have as their default reference point.


As active citizens in society, people should make their own choices.  Some people have had their choices restricted, so our role is to ensure we support people to consider their options and possible consequences, make their own decisions, and then reflect and learn from different experiences.  As professionals, we have a duty of care and so must intervene if someone is endangering themselves or others.


People are in control of their own life.  Some people have experienced not being in control and others need support to understand what this means.  Our role is to help maximise the control that each person has over their own life, their actions and their decisions.

Openness & Honesty

We should always be honest with people.  But it can sometimes be difficult to be honest if we are afraid of hurting someone.  Workers are trained to think carefully, and then support people with kindness and openness in everything they do.


We all have relationships and connections with other people in our community.  Some people have experienced a balance of relationships that is not right for them.  Our role is to ensure that people can create, develop and maintain the relationships and connections that are right for them; with friends, family and community.


This word is common in contemporary society: it is a way of thinking or treating someone or something.  We aim to live respectfully in all our relationships, even when people do things that make this challenging; we believe that there is a reason and a communication for us in all behaviours.  Our teams are trained to be non-judgmental, inclusive and kind at all times within all of their relationships.

Our teams are trained to apply our values in everything they do, thereby ensuring that we focus on people being active participants in living full and positive lives.   Our aim is to build a trusting relationship with each person which can only happen if it is underpinned by our strong value base.