Craigmillar Community Grows, a Carr Gomm fundraised community project, is hosting video calls through the Zoom app to ensure people who would usually attend their local workshops can still keep in touch during lockdown.

The Zoom app allows multiple users to see and talk to each other through video calls on a mobile or laptop device. It was important for Craigmillar Community Grows to find a resource that would allow the workshops, food and blether, gardening, walking and cooking groups to stay connected after being postponed for the foreseeable future. 

The project was aware that, for a number of people, the workshops prevented them from experiencing feelings of social isolation and loneliness. So the project organised weekly Zoom calls to allow people to stay socially connected, give them something to look forward to and reduce feelings of isolation at home.

Karin Chipulina, Community Development Worker said: “We have had a great response with people who attended the workshops now joining in on a Wednesday Zoom call to see everyone.

“This has allowed the workshops to keep going and help maintain that sense of community that has been evolving, over the years, within the workshops. The Wednesday Zoom call is also an opportunity for people to ask me any questions they may have towards growing plants, fruits or vegetables. I have called this the ‘Gardening Question Time’.

“Really this weekly Zoom call has allowed everyone to meet up, catch up and have some fun whilst we continue to stay socially distant.”

If you would like to know more about how we can support you or someone you know, please get in touch via our online contact form