Yvonne and Simon are siblings, who are adapting to life in lockdown by finding new routines and ways to communicate with friends and family.

They are very close siblings, however they have recognised the importance of spending time apart and enjoying their own company during this challenging time.

Simon has purchased a TV displayed in his bedroom, which allows him to enjoy movies and relax from the comfort of his own bed.

He and Yvonne still spend lots of time together and are often busy creating a number of singing and dancing videos to send to their mum.

The siblings love creating videos and are having regular video calls with their mum to ensure she is up-to-date with how they are getting on.

Clair Harkness, the service manager said: “I can’t believe how well Yvonne and Simon have adapted to life in lockdown.

“They have been using different forms of technology to stay in close contact with friends, family and their local church.

“The video calls to their mum have proved a success and appear to be a better way for them to communicate, as in the past talking over the phone had proved difficult.

“This form of technology has allowed them to wave, smile and make gestures to their mum which is often their preferred way to communicate.

“Can I also just say how much closer this has brought Yvonne and Simon’s team together. It really feels like we are all in this together.

“There will definitely be a lot we can take away from this experience to ensure we provide the best support going forward.”

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