Rainbows have become a common sight on people’s windows during this lockdown period. In various neighbourhoods people have put up pictures of rainbows or ones drawn themselves as a symbol of hope, encouragement and perseverance, during this difficult time. Not only has this sentimental notion been uplifting, but designing the rainbows themselves has also been something creative for people at home to do.

Angela, one of our support practitioners, was very touched by the sense of community that the rainbows made her feel and she decided to create an exciting activity for the people that she supports. She decided to create ‘chasing the rainbow’, an exciting and engaging activity that involves counting the rainbows seen from neighbours' windows during her one walk a day with the people she supports.

The idea of chasing rainbows came shortly after lock down, when Angela was supporting John (J), who is very social, enjoys being outdoors and who would normally struggle under locked down or repetitive conditions. So, to keep the morale going and to make each lockdown visit more entertaining, Angela and J began ‘Rainbow Chasing’ - where they look and count the number of rainbows they could see in different windows on their travels. Not only was this an interactive and fun task, but it also allowed J to develop his numeracy and counting skills.

Every walk has been different and no one rainbow chase has been the same. Angela has succeeded in making every walk exciting by setting up various challenges for J, and he ends up really enjoying the various missions that are set out for him. On one of the walks they counted a record breaking 69 rainbows.  But it isn’t always about the competition and numbers, sometimes J enjoys the walks where he can see some people in the garden and say hello.

Angela also feels a sense of reward, particularly at how positive J has coped with the lock down and how involved he has been with the activities, like the Thursday clapping for key workers.

She said: ‘’J likes to shout out who he is clapping for -  sometimes he thanks his team, his sister who works in a pharmacy and others he knows that are still working hard to keep everyone safe and well. It's a kind reminder that we are all in this together.’’

You can download and design your own colorful rainbow for a window display - click below for more rainbow fun and colouring-in activities.

Clap for Key Workers

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