Our Woodside Court service is hosting its very own Wimbledon tournament - badminton style - to increase morale amongst staff and people supported.

Gillian Weir, service manager, has encouraged the team to think outside of the box and continue to come up with different ideas to keep everyone entertained and in good spirits.

Since Wimbledon was cancelled this year, the service is now hosting its own tournament in the front garden instead. This has created healthy competition amongst staff and provided lots of entertainment for people supported.

The staff are coming together regularly to play badminton against each other and have even created their own leader board system to keep track of who is winning.

Over the next few weeks they are planning a huge party for the finals to celebrate the tournament and its winners.

Leigh Quinn, support practitioner said: “Myself and another staff member Hailey came up with the idea for a Wimbledon tournament. We pulled staff names out of a hat to organise who would play against each other but to also ensure people were on shift together.

“This has been great for team building as everyone is so eager to play and participate. It has definitely brought us closer together.

“As for people supported, they are loving every game. It’s something different and exciting to look forward too.

“It’s always great to hear the laughter and the cheers coming from the side lines at every game.”

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