Our day responder team in Helensburgh has introduced video calls through WhatsApp to ensure people supported can keep in touch with friends and family.

Walter, who is supported by the team, thanked the staff for helping him to stay in touch with his daughter through the App. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, he had been struggling to come to terms with the new lockdown measures and was finding himself feeling lonely without regular family visits.

Amanda Grehan, service manager, said: “Walter is used to seeing family on a regular basis. Once lockdown measures were implemented Walter’s overall health declined due to isolating on his own.”

Stephanie Graham, support practitioner, said: ”Walter had been trying to contact his daughter through phone calls but could not hear her on the phone. I suggested WhatsApp calls as an alternative as then they could see each other and speak at the same time. Walter’s daughter was over the moon with this idea and accepted. Throughout the video call Walter was full of smiles and laughter.

“Walter seemed to really enjoy seeing his daughter and his daughter thanked me for allowing her time to see and speak with her dad.”

Amanda said: “This idea has been really successful, with local commissioning teams requesting that all providers ensure people supported are making weekly video calls to stay connected with family members. This allows people supported and families to have regular updates from relatives who do not live nearby.” 

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