Involvement isn’t just a buzzword at Carr Gomm; we really do ensure that the people we support are involved in shaping the organisation, and each voice is essential to making sure that we continuously improve our services.

A key way that we do this is through our Involvement Group, which provides a space for people we support to come together and guide the organisation in ensuring that our services are always person-centred and achieving the best possible outcomes.

The Involvement Group meets throughout the year, and participates in events such as our recruitment day. They also provide input and steer the development of the Charter for Involvement.

The members of the Involvement Group have all gotten involved in different ways. Jackie has been part of the group for a year now.“I joined because I wanted something to do. I saw the advert looking for new members, and I thought it was interesting,” she said. Jackie has anxiety, and joining the group took a great deal of courage and resilience.

“The first meeting, I had a panic attack. But from there, I’ve gone from strength to strength.”

Like Jackie, Freya first joined the Involvement Group because she wanted to do something to engage more with Carr Gomm.

“I didn’t know a lot about the Involvement Group, but I had loads of ideas and thought other people might be in the same boat as me. Now I’ve had the chance to get to know people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. In this group, you can talk about things knowing that other people are thinking the same thing.”

The Involvement Group has lots of plans for the future, including taking the ideas that they have developed through the Charter of Involvement and turning them into real actions.

Freya wants people to know that if they’re thinking of joining the group, they shouldn’t be nervous about talking with everyone.

“My first time here, I just thought I’ll be quiet and listen. I have loads of ideas but sometimes I need prompting. You don’t have to say anything – just come along and just know that you can join in if you want to!”

The Involvement Group is key to making sure that Carr Gomm is upholding the Health and Social Care Standards, and even going above and beyond what’s required to ensure that everyone we support has the individual, person-centred support they deserve.