Last week people supported, support practitioners, operation managers, and service managers, all in high spirits, met for an eventful get-together at our Dundee forum.

Despite it being a virtual event, there was a great atmosphere. Some people even wore brightly coloured party hats and brought along their decorated balloons. 

The Dundee service provides a range of support for people with various needs. With some services being in people’s homes, and an ongoing pandemic, opportunities to meet one another this year have been few and far between. The meetup encouraged everyone to get-together to catch-up with friends, and offered a chance to meet fresh faces and form new connections.

The facilitator of the event was Kat, who will soon be our new operations manager. Everyone was extremely happy and welcomed her with open arms.

The highlight of the forum was a sing-along (singing All You Need Is Love), Karen singing to the group, and a health and well-being quiz. Everyone really enjoyed this, and it was a great learning exercise.


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