Vic is giving it her all during her morning workout sessions!

There are no obstacles that Vic can’t overcome. She has recently been working with staff members at our Dundee visiting service on her health and well-being exercise plan.

Before the pandemic, Vic occasionally attended chair aerobics classes. However, the lockdown restrictions made it difficult to commit to daily exercise. Vic now feels more confident to workout at home and has set up some personal goals to meet her targets.

Every morning, Vic and a member of the team get together for some ‘Chair Pilates’, which involves some stretching, twisting and punching with weights. These exercises have been keeping her mind and body active, and have also provided some joint support.

Committing to daily exercise is strenuous for anybody and David McKenzie, one of the staff members has applauded Vic for her achievements and how she puts 110 per cent into everything she does.

David said: “Vic enjoys her workout sessions. She always has a determined look and is eager to continue her health and well-being programme.”