Choice and control are two values that represent our philosophy of providing person-centred support. This means that people supported  are in control of deciding how they want to live their lives. Our role is to support and encourage decisions, ensuring that people can live independently, pursuing their passions and dreams for the future.

Why choice is important to Jennifer

Jennifer lives independently in her own home at one of our local services. As the pandemic took hold last year, it was important to Jennifer to decide how she was going to manage through the difficult lockdown months ahead.

With support, she decided to stay with a member of her family.

After 12 weeks away from home, our support team listened to Jennifer’s wishes about returning to her flat. Together, we:

  • Talked about the challenges of lockdown. We spoke about what we had learned, and what new things we had to do to keep safe.
  • Planned how to help Jennifer return home safely.
  • Agreed on a support plan, ensuring that things would run smoothly on her return.
  • Organised socially-distanced opportunities for Jennifer to take part in her favourite crafting activities; something she had really missed while staying with family.

Everyone’s support journey is different. For Carr Gomm, there is no one size fits all scenario. We champion a person-centred support approach, and our values help us achieve this.   

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