At the Dundee visiting service, it was Vic’s first outing since lockdown. 

The lockdown has been a time of great reflection, and it allowed us all to appreciate some of the simple things that we would often take for granted. One of the things that Vic missed whilst she was shielding, was shopping. A shopping spree was in order!

Vic had a fun-filled day out with Danielle, one of our support practitioners. She decided to freshen up her style with two gorgeous new blouses. The blue striped one was a firm favourite!

Shopping is never complete without a coffee break, so Vic and Danielle caught-up over some drinks and snacks at the Tesco café. Danielle mentioned how lovely it was to see Vic brighten up after months of shielding. Before the lockdown, Vic was a regular at the café and it was a great way for her to catch- up with some old friends and acquaintances.