Encouraging positive attitudes towards health and wellbeing is a fundamental part of how we support people here at Carr Gomm. We strive to ensure that there are healthy solutions available for both staff and people supported, and help people achieve their goals by understanding what they love to do.

Lucie, a member of our team,  learned that Alex, a person supported, was a cycling enthusiast who loved his bike, gears and reading cycling books. She decided to arrange a trip for both of them. It had been a few years since Alex was part of a cycling club, and he was very pleased to have someone else with a similar interest that he could ride with.

On a sunny day, they got together, cycled around, and connected during their journey. It was around Alex’s neighbourhood, so he showed Lucie the local spots. Lucie also downloaded the Strava App to record their rides, track on a map where they had travelled to, and measure their speed and distances. Alex was very interested in the stats and agreed that it was something he would love to continue.

Lucie said: “We had a brief stop to take pictures to document our first cycle together, and we had a good laugh. I could see it made Alex happy to go cycling again, and it lifted his (and my) spirits. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and Alex said he could see the health benefits of outdoor activity like this - getting fitter, losing some weight and feeling well.”  

Person-centred support allows us to focus on the individual to understand their needs so they can achieve their personal goals. If you like what you've read and want to find out more, visit:https://www.carrgomm.org/Pages/News/Default.aspx