Tina Davies, a support practitioner, is using the Amazon wish list to distribute a variety of gifts to the people she supports to provide them with a range of activities and encourage a smile in everyone during lockdown.

Tina found out about the Amazon wish list through a friend. This idea was set-up through a Facebook page which allows users to create a list of items they want to be able to gift to a number of people.

Other users on the page can then donate, purchase and add additional gifts to the person’s wish list. This is a great way of sharing kindness amongst others online.

Tina created a wish list which included: pens, colouring books, cds, dvds, and board games for the people she supports. 

Tina said: “Everyone was over the moon and so excited to receive their gifts.

“I’m so glad I could do this for them as it’s the wee things that help get you by.”

Clair Harkness, the service manager, said: “To return the generosity Tina then donated gifts to other people who had wish lists for similar reasons.

“She has demonstrated an extremely generous and kind act to help lift the spirits of the people she supports.”

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