You may have read in a recent article that our Merchiston and Ettrick service has been using art therapy to support people. Well, most recently, everyone had fun pushing their fingers into soft clay to create some eye-catching artwork. 

The idea was inspired by the use of clay within school classrooms. It helps develop skills, encourage creativity, and the act of making something can lead to increased wellbeing and satisfaction amongst participants. 

Did you know?

Using clay can be a very satisfying and cathartic process. It has elements of tactile gratification, and building something with your hands provides a unique experience over using well known tools such as pencils or a paintbrush. Using this type of hands-on art therapy encourages an open approach to personal expression, as well as a new kind of creativity.

The group used their hands to make hearts, pots, angels and even a snowman!

Hazel King, support practitioner, said: “It’s easy to be inventive with this kind of material. It’s highly sensory and can feel quite unusual to the touch. As a group, we’re learning more and more about the benefits of art therapy, and clay really gave us an opportunity to get creative and make something useful."

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