Cristina from the Edinburgh Visiting Service is busy coming up with ideas to help keep the people she supports safe, entertained and engaged.

She has developed a ‘weekly isolation planner’ with the aim of providing structure and ideas to those who are self-isolating but still need support.

The planner includes supportive quotes and messages to help those using them keep a positive mind set in the current climate. It also includes a range of morning, lunchtime and afternoon activities that help to fill the day and keep the people that Cristina supports busy and active.

Cristina tells us a little more about the planner:

“The aim is to keep people active and engaged while being in their homes. For many, structure to their daily routines or week is vital and at the moment it has become even more important and the planner hopefully gives this.

 “The more free time people have at the moment the easier it is to worry about what is happening and the planner aims to minimise this. As we continue to stay home, we might feel that it is more difficult than usual to take care of our mental health and well-being.

“The plan is there to help give a little meaning and direction to each day and can be adapted after every week to keep things changing.”

Why don't you download your own version of the planner here and get filling it out for yourself or someone else.