Our housing support service in Oban received £400 from the Fund and has set about distributing it to people we support.

Originally the funding was to be food focused, and most of the fund was used for the ‘Supermarket Surplus Collection’. This is a partnership with supermarkets such as M&S and Aldi, who deliver food to the service to distribute as required.

As there was some funding left over, it was agreed it could be used on items to help fill the ‘Boredom Packs’ that the service were also creating. These packs were designed to help those in lockdown keep busy and active in their own homes. To do this, jigsaw puzzles, board games and arts & crafts items were all included.

Service Manager Susan Colin said: “Every piece of funding is greatly appreciated. The service is so diverse and covers such a variety of needs that every bit helps."

If you would like to find out more about receiving support from Carr Gomm, get in touch via our online form.