Lockdown has brought restrictions in doing some of our favourite hobbies, and shopping is no exception.

So when Mary was asked what she wanted to do for her birthday, her reply was to go to the shops and her favourite café.

The current situation brought about some limitations on how she would celebrate her special day. But luckily for Mary, this set back was not an obstacle to the Dundee staff that support her.

The team was optimistic and did everything it could to ensure Mary would have a wonderful celebration. After some brain storming and gathering ideas of Mary’s favourite things, the team had the idea: “if you can’t do your favourite thing, why not bring your favourite thing to you”. A shopping party theme was born. 

Mary loves shopping and jumble sales and the idea flowed when one of the staff members suggested they use the summer house to host a pop-up shop. Pop-up shops are very popular so hosting a thrifty pop-up shop in the garden for Mary, as well as for her neighbours, all at a social distance, was an obvious solution.

The pop-up shop was a team effort and some of the staff contributed by providing stock for the shop, with clothing and jewellery being donated. Other team members did a fantastic job of setting up and arranging the layout. A pop-up café was also installed and a delivery of afternoon tea in a box was available for everyone to enjoy in the garden.

Mary loved her surprise party and everyone appreciated how much they missed shopping and how they had taken it for granted before the lockdown.

Nicola Cummings, Dundee service manager, said: “The positive effects lasted quite some time. Ever since the success of the shop, we have been thinking about other favourite activities from before lockdown and how we can replicate those in some way.”