Thursday evenings have become a sentimental and symbolic time for all of us, when members of the community rally together to thank key workers.

Everyone is praising key workers in their own unique way. So when Carr Gomm staff member Dorothy and her team organised an evening to say thank you to -health and social care staff, we couldn’t help but share the heart-felt event.

Getting everyone involved in the weekly applause was extremely heartening for Dorothy. It meant a lot for her that there were people in the UK and even around the world showing their appreciation for all the hard work that health and social care staff are doing, especially during this challenging and uncertain time.

It was important for her and the team to get the people they support to join in the applause. After a period of preparation, Dorothy captured the wonderful moment with Neil and Cameron on camera. There was a buzz in the air, as police sirens, ambulances and everyone gathered together to cheer.

“Cameron's reaction to this activity seemed amazing,” she said. “He was giggling and waving his hand while also hearing police and ambulance sirens applause to key workers. Neil was supported to clap by the staff behind him, who joined in with tambourines.”

The event was exciting, and everyone enjoyed getting involved. Dorothy and the other staff members could sense by their gestures that they were eager to take part again and it has become a weekly event to look forward to.

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