An opportunity to work in Tiree for Carr Gomm has became available.

The secondment was advertised internally and received masses of applications.

Two of those who applied were Suzanne and Sam, living in Oban and Edinburgh respectively. They felt the secondment opportunity offered a great chance to broaden their skills, create new experiences and allow them to see some more of Scotland.

Both are now working in Tiree and have checked in with us to give us an update on how they are getting on. Here’s what they had to say:

Is the chance to work somewhere different something you thought about before joining Carr Gomm?

Sam: “A goal of mine has always been to find an opportunity to move and work in a new location, no matter where in the world!”

Suzanne: “I have not really been in a position to work away from home before as my daughters have needed me, but now they are older and can look after themselves - this has been the perfect opportunity.”

What’s the biggest difference so far from changing where you worked before and in Tiree?

Sam: “I have personally noticed how small and home-like the whole island is. Coming from a city, it is quite unusual for so many people to know each other in this way. Naturally, you build the best possible relationship with people supported and their families, but this has that little extra touch that I feel is quite unique to places like Tiree.”

Suzanne: “I have been working with Carr Gomm for three years in Oban with the overnight response team, so the biggest difference is working daytime shifts again and it has taken my body clock a little while to sync up.”

What does a typical day look like in Tiree?

Sam: “A typical day in Tiree involves a lot of dodging sheep while driving and walking around the island! Even a peaceful walk along the stunning beaches will be met with peeping eyes from the tall grass. They do make me laugh.

“On days off, because the weather is almost always very mild and windy - it’s perfect for going to the beaches to watch the many Kite and Windsurfers who are about most days. Generally speaking it is all very laid back!”

Suzanne: “We finish around 15:30, and head back to our accommodation for something to eat.  Weather dependant, I then head to the beach, put on my wet suit and head out in the water for a late afternoon swim - well, more like a paddle.  The water is just beautiful - cold at first but soon warms up.”

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming time you will spend in the north?

Sam: “Together we have booked a boat trip that will take us to Iona, via Fingal’s Cave. Hopefully on the way we will spot some of the beautiful marine animals that are known to show around the area.”

What are some of the highlights so far?

Sam: “Getting to know the people we are supporting has been a delightful experience. I was trying to learn Gaelic quite some time before Tiree, and so have been gaining some more knowledge while here!

 “Living attached to a farmhouse so near the beach has been a lovely and lively experience also. The farm dogs have recently had puppies, so I have been lucky enough to get some cuddles from the little bundles of joy!”

Suzanne: “I have particularly enjoyed getting to know the residents and their life stories. Most of the residents are originally from Tiree and they have given me a glimpse into what island life used to be like.

“The weather has been mostly glorious sunshine, so I have tried to make the most of my down time by taking a daily dip in the sea and exploring the rest of the Island, including walks to the local points of interest.”

Have you got any funny stories that have happened?

Sam: “The farm puppies took a liking to playing tug of war with my dress – I felt a bit like a Giant being ambushed by a party of small fluffy knights. Though, thankfully they spared me so I could live to tell the tale!”

Suzanne: “It has become a bit of a running joke about the amount of toilet roll Sam and myself seem to be using and how we have both been criticized by family and friends for using more than three sheets per visit.  We are kindred spirits in this and are starting the revolution, the mantra being, ‘Two sheets is not plenty!’"