The Borders service feels a sense of pride in the work they’ve done to create a bountiful allotment in Galashiels.

Our people supported planted a range of seeds at the beginning of lockdown, carefully looking after their produce throughout. This small project developed into an exciting learning experience for all involved.

Bringing everyone together in a friendly and supportive environment, the allotment has provided a green space for everyone to learn about planting techniques, and how to develop a colourful and plentiful garden.  

A combination of vegetables, including peppers, peas and aubergines were planted initially, and everyone is delighted with the delicious produce produced so far. 

Meeting at the allotment has been a rewarding and memorable experience, from socialising with friends (at a social distance), to learning how to tend and grow a vegetable patches.

The next step is to use some of these ingredients in an upcoming cooking class. Expect creative recipes and delicious autumnal fare in our next post from the team in Galashiels.