Our Muirhouse service is keeping everyone fit and healthy by holding a sports day.  

The day began with a six kilometre walk in the morning along to Silverknowes promenade – and they were lucky enough to have fantastic blue-sky weather.

Andrew Taylor, the service manager, said: “Five people supported, six support practitioners and myself went on the walk. It was such a beautiful day.”

There was also some freshly squeezed orange, mango and pineapple juice with lunch as refreshment prior to some garden games and a traditional sports day events back at Muirhouse in the afternoon. Everyone had a great day being involved in events.

The events were organized by support practitioner Denise Freir. They had activities such as a beanbag toss, an egg and spoon race and they got to throw wet sponges at service manager Andrew, which everyone found very entertaining.

Denise said: “I wanted to take the opportunity of the nice weather, and thought about what all the ladies could potentially do together. After their walk on the beach with an ice-cream, we were ready with a few activities on their return. It was a really nice day, the weather was great. The ladies were engaged and eager to participate. We also threw wet sponges at Andrew - with his consent of course - which made us all laugh lots.”

It is a really positive environment created by staff and Andrew felt as much. It encouraged physical activity, more focus and lessened anxiety.

Andrew said: “We had a fun Friday at Muirhouse. The highlights for me were seeing the positive atmosphere around the service and how engaged the people supported were in the full day. I’d like to thank the team, including Denise, for such a great day.”

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