The creativity and enthusiasm of our Kirkconnel service is making a positive impact for the people supported.

The continuous efforts of staff in creating an uplifting environment has brought a lot of happiness and they have not let the restrictions prevent them from being innovative.

They supported people to colour, cut, and get creative with the Halloween decorations. Everyone was very pleased to see their works of art dressed in the hallway, and they were excited for Halloween to come.

We had a few crafty individuals who created their own costumes. Karen, one of the staff members made her own cape, stitched it with lots of spiders, eyeballs, and really spooked everyone.  Another staff member, Bill, had lit up eyeball headgear with skeletons and a cloak made out of a black bag and Halloween stickers.

On Halloween, many people were spooked out by some costumes, but eventually, they found it hilarious by how shocked they initially were.  Celebrations continued with staff members reading out Halloween poems and dancing to the tune of ‘Singing Hat’. Halloween was complete with everyone indulging in some chocolates.

Karen said: “All parties had a fantastic night and a few people thanked staff for making the effort as it had really cheered them up. This was so worth the effort after seeing so many cheerful faces.”

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