Our Stirling service is having virtual sing-alongs to keep everyone in good spirits and connected through the love of music.

During lockdown the service came up with different ideas on how it could still keep in touch whilst physically distancing.

A number of people in the service often communicate through singing and listening to music together. So it was agreed that a group revolving around music was the best way to keep those connections alive.

Now the service is having weekly group sessions where everyone joins in over a video call to have a blether and sing their favourite anthems.

Angela Martin, service manager said: “The sing-along group took quite a lot of planning, however everyone was so excited to be able to see each other again. This week we sang S Club 7’s ‘Reach for the stars’, Journey’s ‘Don’t stop believing’ and some ABBA too.

“It was a 30 minute session and it was a good old laugh, with the staff also having a great time. The feedback afterwards was brilliant and we’re just so glad that we can still keep connected digitally.

Anne, a person supported said: “It was great fun and it was nice to meet new people too.”

Angela said: “Everyone was so happy and we’re planning for more people to join in as the weeks go on.

 “We will keep you updated with our progress.”

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