Creativity is playing an important role within the Carr Gomm services, particularly during the pandemic and social distancing restrictions.  David McKenzie, one of our Dundee support practitioners, has reflected on the importance of creativity and how it has positively affected the people we support, and helped with our overall aim of tackling loneliness and isolation.

Each one of us has had to adjust to the changes happening throughout the year, and for some people, it has been a tough year with many downsides. Despite the challenges, there have been some positives that have come out of all of this. For David, it's all about how we have come together during this period, and he appreciates how innovative staff members have been in ensuring support continued in a way that was right for individuals. One highlight has been the focus on creativity, encouraging everyone across Carr Gomm to improve their wellbeing by getting involved in art projects.

At David's service, it all started with a painting stones project. Over the space of a few weeks, many more people joined in, and the project got bigger, eventually turning into a group activity in which everyone contributed to decorating the local garden. 

This year more than any another, our team has noticed people using art as a form of expression. They share their interest by painting what they love, and the process has given people the confidence to open up. 

David said: “I have noticed a massive impact on people’s overall wellbeing, both staff and the people we support.  Our creative sessions are something that we can all look forward to. One person we supported was usually uncomfortable with having things on her wall, but now she hangs all her creations with pride and is very excited about creating new art in time for the Christmas holidays.”

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