For Burns night, Forth Valley hosted a virtual games afternoon to celebrate Scotland and all of its traditions. Packs of gingerbread ingredients were in plentiful supply, before people supported created their very own tasty gingerbread men and women.

Next, a game of Bingo was hosted by the brilliant Simon, followed by a word game in which people had to guess the traditional Scottish word translated into English.

Throughout the afternoon, there were lots of themed games, including a fun treasure hunt that seemed to get the thumbs up from everyone.

Clair Harkness, service manager, said: “The word game especially  provided everyone with a good old laugh.

“For those not originally from Scotland, they loved learning Scottish slang such as “weesht” which means be quite."

After what was a great day, everyone joined in for a sing-along to traditional Scottish music to celebrate Robert Burns himself.

Clair Harkness shared: “We were taken by surprise when we began the sing-along and found out that one of the people we support loves singing along to traditional Scottish music. This will be implemented into support going forward.”

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