Robbie is having a re-vamp of his music room and is in the process of decorating the space to create his ideal vision.

Robbie has always loved music. It is his chance to let go and have a dance to some of his favourite 60s, 70s and 80s tunes.

For a long time Robbie has had a large mural of Bob Marley on his wall which he is eager to keep, however he has felt the furniture and other parts of the room are becoming out dated and in need of a new lease of life.

Together with his support team, Robbie has chosen a new carpet, glossy table and a matching CD rack alongside a new recliner chair.

He plans to use the colour theme from the mural and incorporate this within his blinds in the form of paint splashes.

Linda Harkness, his support practitioner said: “To tell you the truth Robbie has always loved every type of music.

“One of his favourite artists is Bob Marley and before lockdown we would go to many different Bob Marley tribute acts, which he always enjoyed.

“It was the perfect time for Robbie to start a project like this and he has really taken the lead on how he would like to make the most of his music room.

“It’s great to see him so involved.”