Rian is challenging the creativity of his team during this period of physical distancing.

Midlothian Visiting Service has supported Rian for the past two years. He is an energetic young man on the Autistic Spectrum who requires round the clock support in his own tenancy.

Routine is very important to Rian. During this time of physical distancing, he has asked to visit various places that he would normally go to. This hasn’t been possible due to the guidelines in place, so Rian has had to adapt to this change in his daily routine. 

Many of the staff have been innovative, trying to come up with ways to keep him entertained and channel some of his endless energy. Rian has a trampoline in the back garden along with a yoga ball which he loves to balance and bounce on. In the garden there is also now a large hopscotch game for him to play on and room for him to run around safely with staff and join in his current favourite pastime - a good old game of tag.

Inside the house Rian enjoys messy play - and staff have been creative with edible dough and had fun decorating the windows with colourful rainbows. There are Walkie Talkies to play with  and a tablet that he can spend time on playing some of his favourite games. Rian is missing his family, so the staff make sure he can spend time video calling his Mum and Grandmother as much as he likes.

Nikki (Service Manager) recently caught up with his Mum, Charlie, who is finding it very difficult not being able to visit her son. The video calls mean the world to her and relieve some of her anxieties. Charlie takes great comfort in engaging with Rian and seeing how relaxed he is with his team.

Craig, who is Rian’s Keyworker, has been telling us about Rian; “I’m so glad that I got to meet him. I’ve learnt so much from him and he has made me better at my job.

“Rian is a very happy and giggly character. He’s constantly singing, dancing, telling stories and playing games. He is very inquisitive so he is always keeping us on our toes.

“Everyone in the team sees how excited Rian gets over all these activities. They may seem small to us but to Rian they are huge - and they are huge for many other people we support. It’s taught me not to take things for granted and to try and get as much enjoyment and excitement out of these ‘small things’."  

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