Ray is delighted with his new foot spa, a gift from his sister which is helping him to relax and unwind throughout the day.

Ray is non-verbal and uses his body language or different sounds to communicate with his friends, family and staff members. He has a great relationship with his sister, who alongside staff, like to suggest a variety of activities for Ray to do whilst staying at home during the ongoing pandemic.

People who are non-verbal use other ways to express themselves, rather than speak, such as; pointing, facial expressions and gestures to explain how they are feeling. Sensory stimulation is important for people who are non-verbal as it gives them an opportunity to build their skills and experiences in a calming environment, and can be used as a tool to help build better connections with others.

The sensory foot spa has been a real success, with Ray quickly learning how to control the different buttons on the machine and deciding the length of time the bubbles stay on in the water.

Katarzyna Wywial, support practitioner, said: “Ray spends a lot of time relaxing in the foot spa as sensory activities make him happy. We think that the vibrations and sounds are similar to some of his other sensory items, and this is why he enjoys it so much.”

 Mavis Kelly, operations manager, said: “I could do with one of these too!”