Our St Stephen’s Service has taken an innovative approach in helping to deal with the current situation of physical distancing.

People have been developing a ‘time capsule’ with the aim of providing a way for those involved to express their feelings and thoughts during this challenging time.

Robyn from the Service has been telling us about what will go into the capsule and plans for it:

“The capsule will contain our anxieties at this time - it will have the things we miss doing and the people we miss seeing at the moment. People have also included messages about what they are most looking forward to when this is over and written positive affirmations for the future.

“One person has spent some time painting the wooden box, which forms the capsule, over the last few days, with a multitude of vibrant designs to express positivity.

“The burial of the capsule will take place in April and will be dug back up when we are advised it is safe to do so. We will celebrate this occasion and the start of a new chapter with a communal BBQ to which we can all invite our friends and families.

“Everyone at the Service is looking at the bigger picture. The time capsule is not only a way to express feelings at this moment but in the future will be a tool for reflection - to look back on the things we missed and not take them for granted in the future.”

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