Craigmillar Community Grows is expanding its planting initiative after receiving encouraging feedback for the seed packet and instruction packs they created for local youth groups.

This response spurred on the idea for the project to expand this opportunity to the rest of the Craigmillar community and surrounding areas.

Every Monday the project now posts on their Facebook page to invite visitors to leave requests for the different seeds packs they would like to be delivered to their homes.

Over the past few weeks the project has delivered to a number of places including Caring in Craigmillar and supported accommodation in Bingham.

This has provided people with an additional activity to do outdoors and the opportunity to learn a new skill.

The project’s small seed packets have been swapped for boxes, which are packed with jiffy seeds, compost, plant pots and make-shift watering cans. The watering cans are made from different recycled milk bottles and come with instructions to show people that a number of gardening tools can be created at home.

Karin Chipulina, community development worker, shared: “The idea came from Sandy’s Community Centre after they requested seed parcels to be made for the children who would usually attend their youth group.

“I realised that this would be a great addition to our community development project.

“The aim is to use different recycled items to show people they can create and grow seeds at home. I hope eventually people in the community who receive the boxes can give it a go themselves without my guidance.”