Craigmillar Community Grows (CCG) champions healthy, sustainable, and affordable food choices by providing a wide range of activities for people to get involved in. This pioneering project is based in one of Scotland’s most deprived communities (according to SIMD) and aims to bring people together to learn new skills and improve understanding about health and wellbeing.

Most recently, CCG hosted a workshop on how to make apple chutney.

Not only was this a useful skill to learn to preserve food that may have otherwise been wasted, it was also an opportunity for people to get together and build relationships. Karin, CCG’s community worker, led the group through the workshop after a local socially-distanced walk.

Firstly, the group peeled and cored 1kg of apples. The apples were then sliced and combined with 30-60g of sultanas, 340ml of cider vinegar, 350g of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, and lots of spices. The group decided to use ginger, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, chilli and a hint of cayenne for extra flavour. Karin suggests that you can also add 1 large onion or 8 cloves of garlic for an extra rich taste.

Once all the ingredients were mixed, the chutney was gently simmered and stirred frequently until the mixture thickened. It was then poured into sterilised jars. Everyone got to take a jar home for something scrumptious to enjoy as the colder months set in.

Karin said: “Everyone had a lovely day. It was nice to spend time with people and for us all to make something together. It’s good to make something that people they can take home, and I know they learned something as well.”

If you would like to know more about the Craigmillar Community Grows project, visit Facebook.