Our National Involvement Group is successfully continuing to run during lockdown - and everyone is excited to welcome new members too!

Prior to lockdown the group, set up for people supported, would meet every two months to share ideas and opinions on ways to feed into and be part of shaping our organisation.

This was really successful and we received a lot of great feedback, however a number of people from across Scotland have struggled to attend meetings due to the distance. This was frustrating for everyone involved as it is important for our organisation to capture ideas from all localities. We were concerned our National Involvement Group would have to be put on hold.

However, thanks to Zoom, we have managed to continue running our group and working towards improving Carr Gomm. It has also been a great opportunity for new members to join and participate over video call. The group has expanded with two Andrews joining from our Forth Valley service.

Becs Barker, operations manager said: “The Zoom calls have been such a success and have allowed different localities to stay connected and be present in our meetings.

“Plans going forward are to actually continue the Zoom meetings as a solution to ensuring people from all over Scotland feel welcome to join.

“Distance shouldn't be a barrier and we can work together to make sure people are able to be included and to have their say.

“This will help support positive change in our organisation.”