Carr Gomm is teaming up with the Cyclescheme to allow employees the opportunity to own or loan a bike.

This is a Government initiative to promote healthier lifestyles and provide an alternative form of transport which is environmentally friendly.

We interviewed Alasdair from our Forth Valley service who uses the scheme, and he was happy to share his thoughts and opinions.

Hi Alasdair, how did you hear about the cycle to work scheme?

Alasdair: The Company I worked for previously had a cycle to work scheme, so when I joined Carr Gomm I wanted to find out if they offered the same scheme and how I could sign up. Angela, my manager, was really helpful and provided me with all the information to get involved.

How do you apply for a bike?

Alasdair: It’s a really simple process. I just filled out a form on the Carr Gomm Intranet and then received a letter and a certificate which I took to my local bike shop. I had a total of £600 to spend on a bike - however I had money left over so got a helmet as well. It was great!

How do you pay for the bike?

Alasdair: It comes out your pay on a monthly basis and then you pay the rest after the year or can give the bike back. It is great because I don’t have to think about it and it’s only a small amount of money so you don’t really notice the difference.

How has the cycle to work scheme impacted on your life?

Alasdair: It has been great for getting healthier and saving some money. Before using the cycle to work scheme, I would have paid a £5.20 return for the bus. It was quite expensive, whereas now it is a half an hour cycle to the people I support.

Would you recommend this scheme to other employees?

Alasdair: I would recommend it to anyone considering purchasing a bike. It’s a great way of getting healthier and saving money.