Carol loves being sociable; getting out into her local community and meeting new people in Falkirk.

Yet when we first met Carol, she was struggling to find opportunities to connect with others. She had no set activities in her weekly schedule. So Yvonne, one of Carol’s support practitioners, suggested the Forth Valley Sensory Centre: 

 Carol has no verbal communication. She has her own ways of communicating, however; the team know her really well and we are able to understand what she is trying to communicate. When I spoke with Carol about the centre she was very smiley and was nodding her head and appeared quite excited to give it a go”. 

The sensory centre offers one-to-one sessions for people registered blind and/or deaf – it is a safe space to relax and experiment with the various sensory equipment provided. The image presented above is of Carol in front of the bubble tubes which she often uses in the centre. To use this equipment, Carol presses buttons on the wall which make different noises, trigger the projector lights, and make little balls in the tubes light up. Yvonne shared:

“Carol spends an hour each week chilling and relaxing here. She is always bright and smiley in the centre.”

Carol has big plans to build a shed in her back garden in 2020 and create her very own sensory centre.

It's been a real success for Carol trying a new activity and she goes on a weekly basis now.”

We will keep in-touch with Carol and Yvonne over the coming months to find out how the plans progress.