Technological upgrades are connecting people across Carr Gomm: people like Matthew. 

Matthew lives in Falkirk. His daughters live in Turkey. Planning support has been challenging and at times frustrating for Matthew and his family, who want to be involved in important decisions and ensure Matthew is receiving the best possible support. 

Then earlier this year, we started distributing smartphones to our support practitioners. This opened a new door: the possibility for staff in Falkirk to hold support meetings via Skype. And that’s exactly what happened with Matthew and his family.

Propping a work smartphone up on a whiteboard, and angling the phone to capture everyone around the meeting table, Matthew’s daughters were able to be virtually present in his support meeting for the first time.

Connecting with Matthew’s family has been invaluable. The people who know him best are now working even closer together to provide support that is tailored to Matthew’s specific needs.

Andrea, service manager in Falkirk, commented:

“Matthew’s family and staff members feel more confident in Matthew’s support. His family are more involved and can now interject, give feedback and add their opinions in live real-time discussions.”