We are delighted to announce the launch of our innovative Healthy Living and Wellbeing project, delivered in partnership with Health by Science.

A first of its kind, the project seeks to upskill staff to deliver expert healthy-living related support and to bridge the gap between social care and specialist NHS services.  

Why this project?

One of our prime strategic focuses in 2019/20 is the development and application of healthy living approaches into everyday lives; not only of the people we support, but also of our workforce.

This strategic focus supports our philosophy and core values of choice, control, openness and honesty, interdependence, and respect, and acknowledges the criticality of good health and wellbeing, defined by DEFRA (2007) as:

“…a positive physical, social and mental state; it is not just the absence of pain, discomfort and incapacity. It requires that basic needs are met, that individuals have a sense of purpose, that they feel able to achieve important personal goals and participate in society.”

With the mass of often conflicting information, health and wellbeing can be a daunting subject; it can be difficult to know where to start and to how to make sustainable changes that will influence long-term good health and wellbeing. Our project seeks to equip staff and empower the people we support to overcome these barriers and achieve positive outcomes.    

How will we achieve this?

Building upon our person-centred support, our goal is to raise awareness, knowledge and skills in devising and applying healthy living approaches in order to encourage an all-round healthier quality of life.

We have partnered with Healthy by Science, an established Edinburgh-based Social Enterprise comprising a team of experts in nutrition, exercise and physiotherapy.  They are passionate about highlighting the importance of science and changing lifestyles to help maximise people’s wellbeing and minimise the risk of preventable illness.

When our client Lucy Wren approached us to see if we were interested in helping create and implement a workplace health and wellbeing programme at Carr Gomm we were honoured and very excited. [Stuart Maytham, Health by Science]

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the team to upskill our staff.  We are excited to be on this innovative journey towards empowering the people we support to make better, informed, healthier-living related choices; backed by science, expertise, and, of course, a passion to provide the best possible support we can in achieving personal outcomes.

Want to find out more?

We will be updating our website and social media regularly with snippets from the training programme, expert articles, and feedback from those involved.

If you are interested in discussing the project further, please do get in touch via our online contact form.

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