People have been celebrating their artistic talents in a local art exhibition.

Hosted in Morningside, the exhibition was a vibrant and diverse display of personal artworks created by some of the people we support. The all-day event brought together friends and family, and invited neighbours to pop in and enjoy the spectacular pieces on display – as well as some delicious biscuits and cake.

Art is a fantastic way for us to express ourselves, our emotions, and our outlook on life.

James would agree. James is an artist who finds great comfort in drawing and painting, and has witnessed a drastic change in his artistic style since he started receiving support from Carr Gomm.

The once crime-focused artwork of James, which reflected the “dark place” that he felt he was in, now portrays light and happiness. James attends a twice-weekly art class, and enjoys painting characters and portraits of people who are happy, sketching landscapes, and capturing the different places he travels to.

Brian also discovered his love for art through Carr Gomm. An artist for over 15 years now, he was first encouraged to explore his creative side by his support practitioners, as a way of expressing himself. Together, they found and attended a local art lesson which ignited Brian’s passion to pursue his love for the hobby himself; and spark the imagination of those around him, including Richard:

"I believe if you have a creative side to your personality, it’s good to let it out. It allows you to express something that you wouldn't otherwise express. And if someone "gets it", then it makes it all worthwhile" [Richard]

The number of local people now taking up this creative past-time is continuing to grow; and everyone was delighted to host an art exhibition to display and celebrate their pieces.

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