The Rosefield service team is adapting to the ‘new normal’ by developing a community space to provide a healthy and creative area for people to enjoy.

The community development space has served as a meditative communal area for the people in Dundee. The intention was to motivate people and promote healthy living during the lockdown, when it can sometimes feel very mundane and isolating.

The communal area was turned into a healthy garden and staff members, as well as the people they support, have together been involved in developing the space - turning it into a Zen-like meditative project to keep busy, to relax and also enjoy the space when the weather is good.

The community development space is always in a state of constant change because, often, it is uniting people and encouraging them to regularly work on new projects. An exciting project that has been happening recently is everyone gathering some stones and painting them. They are joining their artistic pieces together to create snakes to be decorated in garden.

The project has uplifted many people and Joan McMillan, the Dundee Service Manager said: “I feel happier in service, whilst supporting people. Knowing that everyone still feels safe and having projects to keep them going has had a positive effect on us. Everyone is kinder, working as a team and it is something that the team aspires to continue to pursue, even once lockdown is over.”