A small act of kindness can make all the difference - as Margaret shows by helping keep her friends in a positive frame of mind.

Community Contacts is a project that was set up to offer impartial support to anyone with Self-Directed Support. When the project got underway, some staff realised that two of those involved, Lorna and Margaret,  knew each other, but weren’t aware they were both part of the group. Lorna and Margaret couldn’t be introduced to each other due to the guidelines of the project, so the ‘Blether Group’ was formed, consents were given and Margaret and Lorna were re-introduced and have been close friends ever since. 

Since the start of lockdown, Lorna has been shielding and hasn’t been able to see anyone. Lorna lives in Tarbert whilst Margaret lives in Inveraray. So they are separated by 38 miles but are trying to remain connected. 

The Blether Group started to use Facebook Messenger to chat and make video calls but Margaret was still worried about Lorna. She wanted to do something for Lorna. So with the help of Sarah, a Specialist Project Worker, she contacted an old school friend called Corrina who owns The Flower Shop in Lochgilphead and they sent flowers to Lorna’s house.

Becs Barker, the Operations Manager for Community Development said: “Together they sent a lovely bouquet of flowers to Lorna to let her know they are here for her. The intention was that this would make Lorna’s day. It didn’t just do that, it made her week."


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The picture seen at the top is of Lorna (L) and Sarah (R).