Lesley is a great example of how Support Practitioners constantly go the extra mile for those they work with.

He is a Support Practitioner for Carr Gomm, as well as convener of Laggan Community Council (LCC), and with his wife has been involved in the Kintyre Community Resilience Group (KCRG).

We spoke to Lesley to find out about some of the incredible things he has been doing for the people he helps to support but also the wider community. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have been supporting several people who have been receiving free, fresh food parcels on a weekly basis.  Some however, aren't using all of the tins and fresh food provided as they use ‘ready made’ meals or prefer other foods. 

“So, with the permission of both those that I support and Service Managers, I pick up the unused food items and take them to the food bank which is being run out of the Town Hall in Campbeltown.”

Lesley added: “After a few weeks of covering different runs I visited a gentleman again and found he wasn't receiving the free parcels and was short on food.  I made up a few food parcels, comprising of fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and other items which I knew he likes.  He was very grateful and mentioned that he would be making a vegetable soup the next day.

“I also made sure the gentleman would be receiving fresh food parcels from the following week onwards.”

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