Karen from our Crescent Service spent time over Easter planning activities she would like to do at home during lockdown.

With the help of staff member Brooke, the pair decided to create flowers from tissue paper by following a DIY guide.

Karen has been telling us a little bit about the fun she had: "I really enjoyed designing the flowers and making them look nice on my windowsill.

“I also downloaded some music on my iPad and listened to the church service. It made me feel really happy and emotional.”

Brooke also enjoyed making the flowers: "As it was coming up for Easter I wanted to do something fun with Karen. I had crepe paper at home to do with my daughter so I took some to work for Easter Sunday seen as we couldn't get out.

“As well as boiling some eggs to decorate, we had the radio on and Karen had a dance and sing about the living room.

“It was really nice to see Karen feeling so positive. Karen has displayed her flowers within the house adding extra decor and they look amazing. She is super chuffed."

If you’re interested trying this out for yourself, follow this link so you can create your own flowers.

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