Jill and Andrew are part of a group of 52 people who are currently taking part in our unique 12-week Healthy Living and Wellbeing Programme. The programme – which has already been completed by 34 people – is being delivered in a first-of-its-kind partnership between Carr Gomm and local social enterprise, Health by Science.

Both Jill and Andrew jumped at the chance to get involved in the programme delivered by Health by Science, and they will be journeying through it alongside their Carr Gomm support practitioners. The goal is to empower them to make better, informed, healthier-living related choices; backed by science, expertise and, of course, a passion to provide the best possible support we can in achieving personal outcomes.

Jill's journey so far...

Jill, an avid walker, is thrilled to be getting into a new habit of recording her steps daily. With the help of Janet, her support practitioner, Jill is successfully completing her steps chart each evening. 

"I am enjoying logging my steps each day...I would like to re-activate my gym membership and practice what I have learned so far."

Having chatted about a small discomfort in her knee, Stuart from Health by Science is helping Jill rehabilitate her knee through daily targeted exercises.

"Stuart has shown me some knee exercises which really helped with my bad knee."

Jill's long term goal is to be able to strengthen her weak knee to allow her to not only stay active but increase her mobility.

Andrew's journey so far...

Andrew is looking forward to gaining a better understanding of the difference between good foods, bad foods and portion control. Together with his support practitioner, Veronica, they are exploring nutrition and healthy eating options. 

Andrew is excited and very keen to implement weekly menu planners into his daily routine with a focus on reducing his weight. Andrew is looking forward to sharing his learning with his flatmate.

"I have been walking to the shops as a new habit: each week I'll walk to a shop further away than the last. I have my meal plans and activity sheets from Jamie (at Healthy by Science), and Veronica is helping me create meal planners for myself and my flatmate." 

We're delighted to hear of Jill and Andrew's enthusiasm in getting involved with our unique programme. We'll be checking in with them regularly for more updates, so stay tuned to hear more!

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