James, from Stirling, recently jumped at the chance to reunite with his old friend Dorothy, who lives in Dunoon and whom he had lost contact with over the years.

His team were aware of how much Dorothy’s friendship meant to him so felt it was important to turn the visit into a well-deserved holiday.

James and his team set about organising the trip. It was a joint planning exercise as part of his support which made sure that James was involved in all of the decisions relating to the itinerary. This way, he could really get excited about it and count down the days.

When the moment finally came for James and Dorothy to be reunited, James’ face lit up and they embraced telling each other how long it had been.

The two friends spent the whole day catching-up and popped over to a nearby neighbour, whose dog took to James and lay on his knee for the majority of the visit.

Eager to visit the holiday caravan, Dorothy suggested she would visit James the following day. They both enjoyed a cup of tea whilst exchanging stories before heading out together for dinner. After dinner, James and Dorothy gave their goodbyes and spoke of meeting up the next day.

James spoke of how fantastic his time in Dunoon had been and how he really enjoyed not only spending time with Dorothy but with his team too.

As a result of the holiday, James’ team recognised a positive change in him saying:

“James seemed more relaxed and confident in himself. We were delighted to be able to help him rekindle his friendship with Dorothy, which was clearly very important to him.”

James is already planning his next holiday!